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Sixth Circuit: Title VII Prohibits Discrimination Based on Transgender and/or Transitioning Status

Less than one week after the Second Circuit Court of Appeals held that Title VII’s prohibition on sex discrimination bars discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals issued its own landmark Title VII … Read more

Statutory Changes to Athletic Trainer Laws: What’s New?

Earlier this summer, the Connecticut General Assembly passed Public Act No. 17-195, An Act Concerning Athletic Trainers (the “Act”), which amended the statute governing the professional requirements surrounding athletic trainers. Effective October 1, 2017, Section 1 of the Act amended … Read more

High School Sleuths Expose Questionable Credentials of New Principal

Earlier this month in the city of Pittsburg, Kansas, a group of curious student journalists raised serious questions about the credentials of their newly hired principal, Amy Robertson.  According to the Kansas City Star, Robertson had received 100 percent … Read more

Register Now for Teacher Evaluations in Connecticut: Where Are We Now?

It has been nearly five years since the Connecticut General Assembly adopted Public Act 12-116 titled An Act Concerning Educational Reform, and most importantly, made changes to Section 10-151b regarding the teacher evaluation process.  Changes to Section 10-151b provide that … Read more

Effective July 1, 2016, School Districts Subject to New Requirements for Employee Background Checks

Previously, Conn. Gen. Stat. § 10-222c merely required school districts to make a documented good faith effort to contact previous employers of applicants to obtain “information and recommendations which may be relevant to the [applicant’s] fitness for employment” before hiring … Read more

Federal Government Files ‘Statement of Interest’ In Gender-Identity Case

In recent years, there have been increasing concerns involving discrimination faced by the transgender community.  Not surprisingly, these concerns have centered on the challenges faced by gender non-conforming students and whether the needs of such students are being met by … Read more

U.S. Department of Education Issues Guidance on Ebola for K-12 Schools

In response to the Ebola epidemic, the U.S. Department of Education (“USDOE”) has issued a letter to schools and districts providing updated guidance and resources to assist schools and communities in establishing practices and protocols related to Ebola, as well … Read more

Employment Legislation Summary: 2014 Session

Download: Printable PDF

In its 2014 session, the General Assembly passed a number of new laws affecting employers. Except as otherwise noted, the changes are effective October 1, 2014. The following material summarizes these new laws, but the specific

Read more

New Department of Education Website Helps Local and Regional Boards of Education Comply with Law Requiring In-Service Training on Teen Dating Violence

The Connecticut General Assembly has added provisions to Conn. Gen. Stat. § 10-220a requiring that each local or regional board of education provide in-service training programs to its teachers, administrators and pupil personnel on teen dating violence and domestic violence. … Read more

Attorneys Jessica Ritter and Jessica Stein to Give Live Audio Seminar on “Social Networking and Electronic Communications: Issues for Public Schools”

On November 30, 2012 at 1:00 p.m., Attorneys Jessica Ritter and jsoufer will examine teacher and student use of social media and social networking, and the intersection of individual rights with the school’s authority to regulate the school environment. During … Read more

ADA Does Not Restrict School Districts When Teachers Can’t Perform Essential Functions of Job

Two recent decisions, one from the Sixth Circuit of Appeals and the other from the Ninth Circuit of Appeals, interestingly with both decisions having a plaintiff named Johnson, offer clarification of the accommodations required by school districts pursuant to the … Read more

CORI Reform in Massachusetts and Its Impact on Massachusetts Public Schools

On August 6, 2010, Governor Deval Patrick signed into law a bill which significantly revamped Massachusetts’ criminal record system.  The new law, Chapter 256 of the Acts of 2010, entitled “An Act Reforming the Administrative Procedures Relative to Criminal Read more

Employers Need to Update Policies Regarding Employee Genetic Information

Schools need to review their employment policies to ensure compliance with regulations clarifying the employer’s obligations under the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, more commonly referred to as “GINA”. These regulations went into effect on January 9, 2011. In particular, Boards … Read more

Attorney General and Office of the Child Advocate Issue Report on School Districts and DCF Reports

Recently the Connecticut Attorney General and Office of the Child Advocate released a report entitled, “Protecting our Children: Improving Protections for Children when Allegations are made that School System Personnel Abused and/or Neglected Children.”  This report is based on the … Read more

Employers Must Update Their EEO Posters

Employers with 15 or more employees must now update the information they post regarding discrimination laws to include information about the newly enacted Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act of 2008 (GINA). GINA prohibits employers from discriminating against employees on the basis … Read more