Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, New York. Morning blue sky.In response to the executive order issued this past week as well as related concerns about changes in the administration of existing programs, Shipman & Goodwin’s Immigration Law Practice Group has formed an interdisciplinary task force to assist our clients with addressing the effects of this order and anticipated future orders on their employees, students and general business practices. Because of its scope, this executive order, as well as the two that have preceded it, has had an immediate and profound impact on all our clients, individual or institutional, public or private, national or international, regardless of their size, mission, location, or scope of operation. Our alert, “Executive Orders Regarding Immigration With More to Come” provides some basic analysis of this executive order and highlights concerns raised by the order.  Although the Administration has issued some clarification of the order, we have received many reports of differing interpretations at ports of entry. Several courts have issued temporary injunctions limiting enforcement of parts of the order. Drafts of potential additional orders are being circulated in news media. In light of the complexity of our immigration laws and regulations, both news and social media reports contain inaccurate statements.  In addition, many immigration issues are fact specific. To obtain advice from our task force, please contact:

Brenda A. Eckert at (860) 251-5712 or
Ashley E. Mendoza at (860) 251-5018 or
Linda L. Yoder at (860) 251-5717 or
Michael Chase at (860) 251-5194 or
Benjamin FrazziniKendrick at (860) 251-5182 or

Read the alert in its entirety here.