With the new year, the amendments to the Connecticut Paid Sick Leave Act (“PSLA”) the legislature enacted last year are now effective.  We explained the details in our legislative update last summer, but here is a quick refresher:  (1) the PSLA only applies to employers of 50 or more, and the amended method for determining coverage simply requires an October 1st annual “snapshot,” and any non-manufacturing business meeting the 50-employees threshold on its payroll for that week must comply with the law’s requirements; (2) the amendments prohibit firing, dismissing, or transferring an employee from one job site to another to avoid the 50-employee threshold, and workers can complain to the Department of Labor if they think this rule was violated; (3) the requirement for applying the PSLA on a calendar year approach is gone, and employers can now choose any 365-day period for PSLA implementation; and, (4) radiologic technologists have been added to the list of covered service workers.

In late December, the Connecticut Department of Labor issued updated guidance to this law, further clarifying some aspects.  For example, the change to using any 365-day period affects how employers check part-time employee eligibility.  Part-time employees must average 10 hours per week actually worked in the previous “quarter.”   This will depend on the 365-day period the employer uses.  The previous “calendar quarter” hours no longer matter, unless the employer stays on the calendar year basis for PSLA purposes.  A careful review regarding part-time employees is important, as the calendar used will determine whether they are eligible for paid leave or not.

The Connecticut Department of Labor has also updated its workplace poster, which should now be used by all applicable employers and downloaded by clicking on the link.

Connecticut Minimum Wage

On January 1, the Connecticut Minimum Wage rose to $9.15 per hour.  Although the federal minimum is $7.25, Connecticut employers must pay the higher rate.  The updated wage and hour law poster, including the minimum wage rate for this year (and for 01/01/2016 – $9.60/hour, and 01/01/2017 – $10.10/hour) is available at http://www.ctdol.state.ct.us/wgwkstnd/DOL-75.pdf.

Questions or Assistance:

If you have questions regarding either of these changes, please contact Daniel Schwartz at dschwartz@goodwin.com or (860) 251-5038 or Henry Zaccardi at hzaccardi@goodwin.com or (860) 251-5737.