Rear view of business people with raised arms on seminar.Shipman & Goodwin’s School Law attorneys frequently conduct on-site training and professional development workshops for public school, independent school and college and university clients on a variety of legal issues and timely topics.  Each session provides information on the laws and regulations and best practices applicable to the type of educational institution and highlights specific case examples from public school, independent school and post-secondary institutions as appropriate for the audience.

Sample workshop topics include: ADA and Accommodations; Bullying and Protected Class Harassment; Mandated Reporting; Data Privacy, Security and Regulatory Compliance; Special Education and Section 504; Student and Faculty Misconduct; Maintaining Appropriate Professional Boundaries; Enrollment Contracts, and many more.

Our attorneys will collaborate with school officials in advance to customize each presentation to address the particular needs and concerns of the school.  In addition, presentations can be tailored to student, faculty, governance board and community audiences, enabling all stakeholders to engage with legal content delivered in understandable and relevant formats.

For more information and a complete list of programs, please visit our Professional Development and Training Workshops page.