On December 8, 2017, Benjamin P. FrazziniKendrick and Melika S. Forbes will present sessions at the National Business Institute (NBI) School Law Seminar, Social Media and Apps, Cyberbullying, Privacy and Other Technology Issues.  Ben will present the sessions, “Social Media: Monitoring, Restrictions and Discipline” and “Protecting Student Privacy: Requirements for Schools,” and Melika will present the session, “Special Education: Is Technology Accessible?”.

This seminar will review legal issues surrounding technology in and outside of the classroom, and attendees will learn what actions schools must take in order to mitigate liability.

  • Learn when and how a school can discipline based on information found on social media.
  • Ensure compliance with assistive technology and accessibility requirements for disabled students.
  • Navigate FERPA, COPPA and other laws and regulations governing student privacy.
  • Discover how to protect student privacy when utilizing online apps for educational purposes.
  • Examine when and how schools can discipline students for cyberbullying.
  • Find out how schools can ensure student protections without stifling educational innovation.
  • Understand the risks and liability associated with hacking and data breaches.

For more information and to register, visit the NBI event website.