The U.S. District Court in Connecticut recently issued a decision allowing a school district to recover $15,972 in attorney’s fees against a parent attorney who continued to litigate an IDEA matter after the claim had become “frivolous, unreasonable, or without foundation.”  In E.K. v. Stamford Bd. of Educ., 52 IDELR 133 (D. Conn. 2009), the student had been facing expulsion in connection with an altercation with another student.  The parents filed for a due process hearing, claiming that student had been improperly exited from special education more than two years prior.  The hearing officer dismissed their complaint as untimely, and the student was subsequently expelled for 90 days.  The parents, through their attorney, then proceeded to file suit in federal district court, seeking injunctive relief.  When the injunction was denied, the parent attorney continued to litigate the matter in district court.   The district court determined that the decision of the parent’s attorney to continuing litigating the claim after it was clear that the IDEA claim was deficient entitled the school district to recover attorney’s fees.