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In 2017, the Connecticut Legislature passed the Human Trafficking Awareness Public Act 17-32, establishing the requirement that the Connecticut Department of Children and Families develop an educational and refresher training program in consultation with the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection for the “accurate and prompt identification and reporting of suspected human trafficking.”

The Act specifically requires employees of local and regional boards of education to complete an initial educational training program by July 1, 2018 or within six months of beginning their employment (whichever is later) and annually thereafter.  In 2021, Public Act 21-103 modified the refresher training requirement and local and regional board of education employees are now required to take a refresher training program every three (3) years. 

Since the imposition of this mandate, the Connecticut Department of Children and Families facilitated individual trainings to few local and regional boards of education but had not yet completed the video presentation. However, after months of hard work, the Connecticut Department of Children and Families has finalized its online Introduction to Child Trafficking in Connecticut

According to the website of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, the curriculum for the educational program is specifically designed to enhance understanding of Child Trafficking and assist with the identification of victims of child exploitation and trafficking by learning the following:

  • About Sexual Exploitation, Sex Trafficking, and Labor Trafficking
  • Key Terms and Definitions
  • Federal and State Legislation related to Exploitation and Trafficking
  • Prevalence in the World, U.S., and Connecticut
  • Red Flags for both Sex and Labor Trafficking
  • The Impact on the Victims
  • Who are the Buyers and Exploiters
  • How to Engage Victims of Exploitation and Trafficking
  • How to Prevent Exploitation and Trafficking
  • What You Should Do if you Suspect Exploitation or Trafficking

We understand that the Department of Children and Families will continue to work on developing a more interactive training in coming months and that such training may supplement or replace the current educational program. As such, please be sure to contact the Department of Children and Families or your legal counsel for further updates concerning this mandated training. Irrespective of those continuing efforts by DCF, however, local and regional school districts are required to provide such initial and refresher training now.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact a member of the School Law Practice Group at Shipman.