ready for a meetingOn January 26th Attorney Gary Brochu provided another webinar in the Board Member Boot Camp webinar series. The focus of the latest webinar was the conducting of board of education meetings utilizing Robert’s Rules. The webinar provided a framework for the use of Robert’s Rules, including dealing with one subject at a time, allowing for the airing of divergent points of view, confining debate among the members to the pending question, providing a means to enforce decorum, and ensuring a final decision.

The webinar also discussed the hierarchy of motion classifications under Robert’s Rules, such as main motions and secondary motions, as well as distinguishing the different types of secondary motions, subsidiary, privileged and incidental.

Additionally, the webinar discussed a variety of commonly used motions and their proper use and effect. There was also a review of common mistakes. One such procedural error that was reviewed involved the use of a Point of Order. Often utilized by board members to attempt to stop or reverse an action by a board, the webinar discussed two common errors for Points of Order. The first concerned board members debating the Point of Order, when Robert’s Rules does not allow for debate concerning but leaves it for the chairperson to issue a ruling on the procedural challenge. The second error is the raising of a Point of Order after the time period in which it can be raised has passed. Robert’s Rules requires that a Point of Order must be raised at the time of the alleged violation.

The complimentary webinar replay is now available to watch on demand for one year.  Watch the webinar here.  (Follow the prompts to register when launching the webinar replay on demand.) The next Board Member Boot Camp Webinar: Conducting BOE Hearings is scheduled for March 31st.  Webinar details and registration information will be forthcoming.