fernandezslblogmendozaslblogAlfredo Fernandez and Ashley Mendoza will be presenting in partnership with U.S. Commercial Service and Connecticut District Export Council for: Compliance Conundrum–Unauthorized Exports v. Discrimination: Find a Win in a Lose-Lose Scenario Webinar.  This webinar will address export compliance and immigration anti-discrimination laws that were covered in a recent Shipman & Goodwin International Trade Compliance and Enforcement Bulletin authored by Alfredo and Ashley. This is a critical issue for U.S. companies who hire non-U.S. persons for positions that require access to export-controlled technical data or technology.

The webinar will address:

  • an overview of the export regulations, including new definitions affecting deemed exports and technology controls;
  • immigration regulations applicable to the hiring of non-U.S. persons for jobs that may require access to export-controlled information;
  • public guidance on what types of question constitute discrimination during the hiring process;
  • what U.S. employers should consider when screening, interviewing and onboarding non-U.S. persons; and
  • best practices for developing and maintaining technology control plans

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