anti BULLY CONFERENCE 2015 (2)Anne Littlefield will be a panel member at the 2015 New England School Climate & Anti-Bullying Conference on May 15th in Hartford, CT.  Anne will participate in a policy panel that will focus on school climate and school climate policy.  This discussion will cover topics pertaining to creating, adopting and implementing real school climate policies that reach beyond the scope of anti-bullying policies. This event is a part of a full-day seminar with workshops that will encompass school climate assessments, policy and restorative practices, strategies to reinforce positive climate, promoting student resilience and building community.

The panel will be moderated by Christopher Irving of the Patterson, NJ School Board and Pat Ciccone, Superintendent of Westbrook Public Schools. Panel participants also include Steven Hernandez, Chief Legal Counsel for the Commission on Children and Philip O’Reilly, Superintendent of Portland Public schools.

The New England School Safety & Anti-Bullying Conference is platform for national scholars and practitioners to share their knowledge and experience on the prevention of bullying and creating safe, positive school climate in students learning environments. The Conference content serves school personnel including Safe School Climate Coordinators and Specialists, Teachers, Administrators, Student Assistance Teams, Psychologists, Social Workers, School Resource Officers and School Security Officers. Continuing Education Credits will be offered for this event.

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