We are issuing this update to our August 30, 2010 School Law Alert (available here) in order to inform Connecticut school districts about two significant developments regarding the new federal Education Jobs Fund (“Ed Jobs”) program. The Ed Jobs program provides funding directly to school districts “to retain or create education jobs.” First, the Connecticut State Department of Education (“SDE”) has revised the entitlements for Connecticut school districts. The finalized entitlements can be found here. Second, the SDE has clarified that middle and secondary regional school districts will be eligible for funding under the Ed Jobs program, but will need to apply for their funding. The SDE has sent notices regarding the application process to the affected middle and secondary regional school districts. Local school districts in Connecticut will not need to apply for their Ed Jobs funding.

The School Law Practice Group will continue to track this legislation for our clients, and our attorneys are available to answer clients’ questions regarding the Ed Jobs legislation. For more information about this Alert or the Ed Jobs legislation, please contact Richard Mills at (860) 251-5706 or rmills@goodwin.com, gbrochu at (860) 251-5705 or gbrochu@goodwin.com, or Christopher Tracey at (203) 324-8155 or ctracey@goodwin.com.