Preliminary analysis of state standardized testing scores show significant gains for Hartford Public Schools’ students. Highlights include:

  1. the greatest percentage increase in the district’s reading proficiency scores in the history of the state’s standardized testing program,
  2. increased scores across all grades in math,
  3. eight schools showing overall percentage improvements in the double digits, including one school where a third of the children are English Language Learners, and
  4. twenty schools showing overall percentage improvements greater than five percent.

Three years ago, the Hartford Public Schools ranked lowest in the state for student achievement on standardized tests. At that time, it was estimated that Hartford’s kids would need to improve their scores at a rate of four percent per year in order to close the achievement gap with the statewide standardized testing averages within ten years. 2010 marks Hartford’s third consecutive year of tremendous improvement. Based on Hartford’s 2010 scores, it is now estimated that Hartford’s kids can close the gap within seven years.

Together with the Hartford Public Schools and greater Hartford community, we celebrate the success of the district’s reform efforts, and congratulate the hard-working students, parents, teachers, administrators, staff members, and community supporters who made these results possible.

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