Photo of Eric Del Pozo

Eric Del Pozo is a member of the firm’s Litigation and Appellate practices, helping clients across a broad spectrum of industries navigate their most pressing legal issues.

A deeply experienced advocate, Eric has argued close to fifty appeals in federal and state court and has briefed nearly one hundred appeals overall. These appeals frequently have involved precedent-setting questions on topics such as federal jurisdiction and preemption, subpoena enforcement, agency power, telecommunications, healthcare reimbursement, insurer insolvency, coastal management, business and consumer fraud, free speech, religious rights, due process, and defamation per se. Eric has also prepared colleagues for oral argument in hundreds of cases, at every level of the federal and state judicial systems.

Before joining Shipman, Eric served for six years as an Assistant Solicitor General for New York State, litigating appeals on behalf of the State and its officers and agencies—with many of these matters at the forefront of law and public policy. For example, he defended New York’s concealed-carry licensing law in the U.S. Supreme Court in NYSRPA v. Bruen and was instrumental in crafting the defense of New York’s updated gun-safety statutes. Also in his capacity as Assistant Solicitor General, Eric successfully defended orders compelling the former President of the United States to sit for a civil investigative deposition, holding him in contempt of court for disobeying document requests, and appointing an independent monitor to oversee his business. In each of 2017 and 2022, Eric received the Louis J. Lefkowitz Award, given annually by New York’s Solicitor General, for outstanding individual performance.

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