A Massachusetts school district is looking at a four-day school week in an effort to achieve financial sustainability.  Mohawk Trail regional school district will be taking a look at the feasibility of a shorter week in the belief that the district can save on transportation and utility costs.

The district’s plan would be to add about ninety minutes to each school day in order to meet the state requirement that students receive at least 990 hours of academic time each year.  Every other week the fifth day would be utilized for a half-day of professional development for teachers.

The district’s plan would need approval from the state to waiver the requirement that school district have a minimum of 180 school days.  If approved, Mohawk Trail would be the first Massachusetts school district to have a four-day school week.  Nationwide there are other school districts that have gone to a four-day week, but typically they are small rural districts where transportation costs make up a disproportionate share of school budgets.