Public Act 12-198, “An Act Concerning the Administration of Medicine to Students with Diabetes, the Duties of School Medical Advisors, the Availability of CPR and AED Training Materials for Boards of Education and Physical Exercise During the School Day” provides new protections for students with diabetes. Among other provisions, the new law prohibits board of educations from restricting the time and location of blood glucose self-testing by a child with diabetes on school grounds who has written authorization from a parent or guardian and a written order from a physician stating that such child is capable of conducting self-testing on school grounds. In addition, boards of education are now required to have management plans and guidelines for students with diabetes, including a process for the development of individualized health care and glycogen storage disease action plans for every student with glycogen storage disease (diabetes).

The Act includes other provisions related to the duties of school medical advisors and minimum physical exercise requirements for students in grades k-5. Click here for a copy of Public Act 12-198.