The General Assembly recently passed Public Act 12-173, a law amending procedural and substantive requirements related to the provision of educational services to special education students in Connecticut.

This Act requires boards of education to provide parents with an opportunity to meet with a school district staff member designated by such board prior a referral PPT at which the evaluations of a child who requires or may require special education are presented to the parent for the first time. The purpose of such meeting is to discuss the PPT process and any concerns such parent has regarding the child.

The Act also requires teacher certification preparation, in-service training, and professional development to include expanded instruction and training in implementing IEPs.

In addition to other requirements, the new law requires any IEP for a child identified as deaf or hearing impaired to include a language and communication plan developed by the PPT, and includes particular requirements for such communication plans. Click here for a copy of Public Act 12-173.